Adrien Blind

Adrien is a tech & DataOps evangelist at Saagie, a company enabling its customers to accelerate and industrialize their data and AI projects. Previously, Adrien led the DevOps transformation of Societe Generale CIB, coaching new practices (de-siloted feature teams, delivery pipelines, infra automation…) and fostering the adoption of appropriate technologies (Docker, configuration tools, APIs…). Earlier, he helped various companies transforming their IT when he was DevOps consultant for Octo Technology.

Aside his professional activities, Adrien manages the Kubernetes, Docker and Serverless architecture meetup groups in Paris. He's also part of the Docker Captains program at Docker Inc.

Adrien loves sharing his knowledge and experience ; he speaks regularly about the devops/dataops practices, as well as the container landscape, in tech events such as Dockercon EU, Devoxx/Voxxed, Devops D-Day conferences…