« Let's twist a Rubik's Cube back to shape! »
15:55 - 16:45
Ateliers «On n'est pas que des codeurs» [Salle 110]

A notorious shape.

A simple mathematical structure.

A world of possibilities.

Rubik's Cube has been around for 45 years, and it's still the best all-around selling toy.

During this workshop session, you will solve one Rubik's cube. Maybe more.

Along the way, you may learn a thing or two about its secrets:

  • as an architect: how is that moving shape even possible?
  • as a mathematician: is group theory really as scary as it sounds?
  • as a parent: will your child stop crying if you manage to unscramble it?
  • as a competitor: how can fast solving work at all?
  • as an artist: any twist (hah) on the puzzle?

Practice cubes are provided, but you're free to bring your own if you're more comfortable with them.