« Be your own baker »
13:40 - 14:30
Ateliers «On n'est pas que des codeurs» [Salle 110]

Seven years ago we started to occasionally prepare bread ourselves. We used a very simple recipe containing only a few ingredients. It did not require any kneading and was quite fast to prepare. Yes, it used dry yeast.

Later, we bought a bread machine and while we were still using dry yeast, kneading got involved along with a lot more ingredients. Once I told a friend of mine whose father is a baker in the North of France and he looked at me with a certain level of suspicion. Aurélien told me in bread, there should be no sugar. Flour, water and salt. That's all you need.

He was right. For the last two years, we are raising our own sourdough. Multiple types. Yes. We raise them. Like children. They are living creatures with their own characters.

Different kinds of sourdoughs give different special flavours for pastries. Flavours that you cannot achieve by using dry yeast.

At this small atelier, I will show how you can raise your own sourdough, you can TASTE some bread and cakes and you will learn how to prepare them, you can copy my pastry!