« Introduction to Knative »
11:30 - 12:20
JUDCon Conference [Amphi 139]

Knative is a Kubernetes-based platform that comes with a set of building blocks to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads. Knative consists of three major areas: Build, Serving and Eventing. The session gives you an introduction of the different parts of Knative and walks you through an end-to-end demo, showing the lifecycle of an event-driven application. You will learn how to build container images inside your cluster, straight from your Git repository. The session explains how Knative uses Kubernetes and Istio features to provide request driven compute, so that services can autoscale, including down to 0, depending on the actual throughput. Finally you'll see integration of events and how your application can be hooked up to a firehose and connect your service to process incoming events. If you are interested in learning about serverless developer experience on Kubernetes, this session is for you!